Eating cabbage is not the solution to poverty

The number of people living on low incomes in Finland is increasing, but even so, the well-off have a hard time understanding the comprehensive effects of poverty. Professor Juho Saari…


What should we make of this world?

Philosophical ideals include truth, wisdom and the good society. But how are these values being realised in Finland right now? We asked Panu Raatikainen, an adjunct professor of theoretical philosophy…

Professor Peter Miller works at the University of Tampere as Fulbright visiting professor during this academic year.

Fear and loathing in political rhetoric

An American election researcher sees worrying signs of a changing political discourse in Trump’s success. What if the words will become deeds? The presidential election in the United States is…


Cell transplants offer new hope to patients with spinal cord injuries

The right kind of transplant could restore some functions of the body and make everyday life easier. Brain tissue is one of the most complicated in the human body, which…


International university networks help scholars at risk

In early 2016, the University of Tampere joined the Scholars at Risk (SAR) network, an international network of higher education institutions working to protect threatened scholars and promote academic freedom….


BioMediTech is developing a new treatment for corneal damage

A novel stem cell-based treatment method for serious corneal damage is being developed at BioMediTech (BMT), the joint institute of the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. A…


The conscience of the world

“The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell.” This quotation from Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the UN, is written on…


The new Celiac Disease Research Center provides a boost to research

The third generation of celiac disease scholars at the University of Tampere have just established their own research centre. Founded in May, the new centre provides a further boost to…


Finding definitions for medieval remedies

Fifteen years of work resulted in a unique dictionary. There is no doubt that Juhani Norri, University Lecturer in English at the University of Tampere, is a patient man. For…

Keijo Viiri looks through the microscope at a “mini gut” grown from stem cells in the small intestine. The villi in the small intestine regenerate throughout life. In patients with the coeliac disease, the regeneration process is disturbed as a result of damage caused by gluten.

Epigenetics show that the utilisation of the genome can be influenced

People receive their genes at conception, but the external environment plays a role in how the genes are expressed. Epigenetic mechanisms are involved in many diseases. The fundamental rules of…