A sports academy to help unite
sport and studies

Sport academies are part of the operations of the Finnish Olympic Committee, the purpose being to help young people at the top in international sport – Olympic standard – and those trying to reach that standard to reconcile sport and studies.

Those involved in the operations of the sport academies include the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology, the universities of applied sciences, upper secondary schools and vocational colleges, the associations of various types of sports and local sports associations, the City of Tampere and those providing training and health care support.

The cooperation network serves to support athletes’ daily programmes, help them reconcile sport and study and facilitate access to support services. All the educational institutions involved have committed themselves to flexibility in the athletes’ study arrangements.

There are currently 17 students of the University of Tampere involved in the sport academy. The total number of students in the sport academy is exceeds 100.

There are altogether 15 sport academies in Finland. Ten of these, including the Tampere sport academy, have been granted the status of Elite Sport Academy accredited by the Finnish Olympic Committee.