Two million downloads for
University of Tampere net publications

Doctoral dissertations accomplished at the University of Tampere, other publications and master’s theses have been downloaded from the net over two million times. The University has engaged in the net publishing of research and theses for some ten years. However, the technology for counting numbers of downloads has only been installed since the mid 2000s.

The popularity of University publications is apparent in that there are almost as many downloads as there are in the Doria service, which includes not only the University of Helsinki and the National Library of Finland but also four other universities and three polytechnics.

Doctoral dissertations of the University of Tampere alone account for 1.4 million downloads. The prominence of University of Tampere dissertations has been increased by harvesting of the international OAIster database from which they will be taken further to the WorldCat database. University of Tampere doctoral dissertations can also be accessed through the DART service, which publicizes European theses.

Doctoral dissertations:
Other publications:
Master’s theses: