From the Rector

Rector Kaija Holli

Rector Kaija Holli

As a certain person in Tampere so aptly put it, “The University of Tampere is the city’s powerhouse and its students the city’s renewable natural resource”.  The mission of the University of Tampere is to exert influence through its teaching and research on the surrounding society and on the health and well-being of the people of which it is composed. For our part, we at the University can enjoy our location at the heart of the city surrounded by good services and natural beauty.

Our University with its numerous fields has 15,000 students on two different campuses.  We offer many kinds of study opportunities; among the universities of Finland we are one of the most popular.  The students are the pearls of our University, and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Like the other universities in Finland, the University of Tampere welcomes international students, researchers and teachers, and we are continuing our efforts to ensure that they can enjoy even better opportunities to live and work among us.

We are currently reviewing the contents and arrangements on our international degree programmes.  Over the next two years we shall be trying to make them better than ever, also paying attention to the further development of international research co-operation.

Internationality means human enrichment for all concerned.  It also opens up new vistas for study, teaching and scientific achievement.

Kaija Holli