Annual Science Prize awarded to Pirkko Pitkänen for research on global migration

Professor Pirkko Pitkänen

Professor Pirkko Pitkänen

The University of Tampere has awarded its Annual Science Prize to Professor Pirkko Pitkänen of the School of Education. Since 2014, Pitkänen and her team have been investigating global migration in the research project “Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility of People”.

The multidisciplinary, EU-funded EURA-NET project brings together an extensive group of researchers from twelve countries across Europe and Asia. The project also cooperates with large international bodies, such as the International Labour Organization and the World Bank.

The prize, now in its third year, was awarded to Pitkänen for initiating research on a timely topic with international significance. In addition, the work of Pitkänen and her research team considerably increases the University’s visibility and social impact, and supports the University’s role as an actor with global responsibility.

The Annual Science Prize is awarded at a staff party that is held every year on 29 April.

The prize is awarded to a researcher or research group that has made a significant contribution to science or has successfully cooperated with different stakeholder groups. The Rector decides the recipient of the prize based on a proposal made by the University’s Research Council.

More information on the project is available on the Transnational Migration in Transition: Transformative Characteristics of Temporary Mobility of People (EURA-NET) homepage.