New UN development agenda to define the Program for Global Health and Development

“The new United Nations’ development agenda will define the central themes addressed by the Program for Global Health and Development”, says Per Ashorn, professor of paediatrics and director of the programme.

Both the development agenda and an action plan called Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development were adopted by UN member states at the end of September. The agenda and the action plan are the next steps following the United Nations’ Millennium Goals and the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development.

These goals include, among others, eradicating hunger, providing all people with high-quality education and the chance to lead healthy lives, promoting gender equality, creating peaceful societies with functional administrations, achieving sustainable consumption and production, preventing climate change and protecting biodiversity.

“The aim is to introduce the contents of the new UN development agenda to as many of our students as possible so they can help fulfil those goals in their jobs and private lives. In accordance with the strategy of the University of Tampere, we want to educate people who understand the world and change it”, Ashorn says.

The Program for Global Health and Development concentrates on global health and social development. The programme is the only one presently offered by Finnish universities, and it is rare even internationally because it combines various aspects from both the health and social sciences. The programme has received €1 million funding from the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation for 2014–2018.

This autumn, the themes dealt with by the programme include social injustice and violations of human rights. These topics are discussed in a lecture series called Fighting against Social Injustices and Human Rights Violations, coordinated by Tarja Seppä and Jukka Viljanen from the School of Management.

In spring, the issues addressed will include mobility and health, and global poverty. The courses will also address the refugee crisis of 2015.

The programme is open to all students at the University of Tampere.

Program for Global Health and Development

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