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Papillomavirus vaccination may afford protection against cancer of the pharynx

Finnish research on human papillomavirus (HPV) has achieved its objective: over 40 per cent of young people born 1992–1994 participated in the study. In addition to protecting against cervical cancer,…

A new book on the challenges of globalisation

A new book entitled Globalisation: Challenges to Research and Governance has come out in English. A collection of 14 articles, it opens up perspectives on the shaping of the global system.

The book presents a multidimensional scrutiny of globalisation, and not only from the economic perspective. Subjects addressed include an increasingly multidimensional culture, worldwide systems of regulation and international trends for change. Methodological solutions in the research of globalisation and conclusions to be drawn are likewise presented.

Howy Jacobs is Professor of the Year

The Finnish Union of University Professors (FUUP) has chosen Academy Professor Howard T. Jacobs as Professor of the Year.  Professor Jacobs’ scientific achievements, his unflagging efforts towards the internationalization of…

New premises for the Nordic Centre
at Fudan University

In spring 2009 a ceremony was held on the main campus of the Fudan University, Shanghai for the foundation stone laying of the Nordic Centre premises.  The Centre, scheduled to…

Television professionals from Beijing
are the first in
continuing education in media management

A group of television professionals from Beijing were learning about media management in October on a course arranged by the University of Tampere. The Chinese were the first students of…

Two million downloads for
University of Tampere net publications

Doctoral dissertations accomplished at the University of Tampere, other publications and master’s theses have been downloaded from the net over two million times. The University has engaged in the net…